In partnership  with Ndlovu Care Group we managed to distribute 68 Food parcels including oranges to the households in Masakaneng on 18th  May 2020.

We are really thankful to Ndlovu Care Group and their team that assisted us to distribute the food, Including assessments of the households.


Following the activity on the 18th May 2020, Ndlovu Care group gave us groceries and 250 bags of oranges to distribute to our beneficiaries on the 23 May 2020


While we are busy checking on our beneficiaries, we also conducted household assessment. Sister Kgaugelo Visited a home that has a new born and educated them on breastfeeding and also advised them not to feed the child solids until he is 6 months old. Mme Nurse Matabane was thankful for the education she received.


Ndlovu Care group donate 250 bags of oranges and food parcels to our beneficiaries in Masakananeng, Thank you to the Broadway Legacy Team for distributing them on the 23 May 2020


Broadway Team: Ms Jane Payile, our Beneficiary Mr Gumbe and Ndlovu Care group staff member Lucas on the 17 May 2020 delivering food parcels. Mr Gumbe mentioned that he had no food, he was very thankful for receiving the food parcel.


Broadway Team working hard on the 23rd of May 2020. Daniel and Chris giving oranges to 250 households in Masakaneng, all thanks to Ndlovu Care Group and the Broadway Team Members.

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On the 12th of June 2020 Ndlovu Care Group donated over 149 boxes of Sweet C Naartjies to our beneficiaries. From the Broadway Legacy Foundation team we will really like to appreciate the help we have received from Ndlovu Care Group during the COVID-19 Lockdown.


10th June 2020 Shoprite Soup Kitchen donated 50 loaves of bread and 40L of warm soup to our community, which we managed to feed over 250 people. We are grateful that during the period of Lockdown we can work with business such as Shoprite to ensure that our beneficiaries receive a warm meal.

Donations Received in 2020


We would like to appreciate and acknowledge the following companies and individuals for their contribution towards the growth of Broadway Legacy Foundation:

  • JOJO Tanks for Donation 5000L water tank
  • Johan Engelbrecht for donating over 100 KG of meat towards the feeding Project
  • Our Staff and Board Members for (Tshirts,Signboards and weekly feeding)
  • Bassie Mogafe donating 42 sanitary pads including toiletries towards our AYGW programme
  • Beyond Zero for Capacity training and Mentoring 
  • Private donors from monthly contributions towards the feeding scheme
  • Department of Agriculture Groblersdal Office for Seeds
  • Plan Studio which is busy with our Multipurpose structural design
  • SAPS Crime and Prevention Unit for taking 10 AYGW to volunteer under the community desk
  • Creative Minds for facilitating the Scholarship Programme for 25 Learners
  • Ndlovu Care Group for food Parcels and support during COVID-19 Lockdown
  • Design a Sign for Discounted Printing of Signboards
  • Safari Butchery for Discount on our purchases
  • Private donors for Clothing and food Parcels