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Child Care

 Protecting Children’s Dignity and Rights.

Reduce the number of Child headed families within the age group of 13-18 years.

Establishing a child care forum in the community.

Care Centre for vulnerable Children.

Facilitate Access to: Health and education.

Professional, physiological and spiritual support

Work with Local care givers and social workers.

Monitor progress through home visit

Health Care

Working together with Groblersdal clinics to distribute medication to those that can not reach the Clinic(Chronic)

Defaulters tracing

Provide advice and specialist care for infants and pregnant women

Have a first aid Centre, to assist with basic medical needs.

Programmes for TB and HIV infected patients

Health Promotions , Awareness and Campaigns

TB Screening, Referrals,Treatment Adherence Club support

Skills Programmes

Offering  basic life  and Professional skill courses


Health care workshops

Access to facilities such as internet and information

Workplace readiness training

Workshops,On the Job training

Computer training Skills

 Sustainability projects


AYBM Programmes

Adolescent y boys and young men, the BrotherPack

Focuses on developing young boys to responsible and well informed men.

Teaching them about Health, Hygiene and Circumcision.

Learning about Life and Professional skills.

Teaching on Gender Based Violence(physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse).

Setting attainable Goals.

for our boys and men to discover their talents.



Vegetable garden, We are encouraging our community members and offer teachings on how to start small household gardens

to improve food production knowledge and skills, natural resource protection and drop in Centre meals

We are working together with Shoprite Soup kitchen

Nutrition education: to promote nutritional knowledge and healthy food choices

AGYW Programmes


Adolescents Girls and Youth Women Programme focuses on equipping our young girls with information on Health talks, Family Planning, Opportunities available for them.

To have attainable Goals, to grow beyond their current circumstances.

Teach them life and professional skills.

Teaching on Gender Base Violence(physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse).

We also distribute hygiene packs bi Monthly to our young girls

AGYW programme have different  age groups.


The greatness of a nation depends on the greatness of its people.

For a country to rise, each of its citizens must rise.

And for our world to elevate, you and I must do our parts to escalateRobin Sharma

We Need Your Help

Together we can make a difference.

Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help.

Discovery Group of Girls

Shaping tomorrow’s leaders today!! Getting the girls involve in the feeding scheme


For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.


A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great